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Bluffton, SC
·Hargray Cable
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Re: ha ha@att

said by Telco:

said by Corehhi:

said by Telco:

Are you be sarcastic regarding AT&T or do you actually believe the GOP propaganda that the rest of the Big Gov world is poor?

Fact.....most of the world is poor.

For starters, how many foreigners from a developed country have you come across in SC... So of course your view of the world is limited to probably illegal aliens and faux news.

In terms of household income, SC is ranked 5th last, yet you want to talk about everyone else being "poor". Then again being out of touch with reality is a quintessential GOP voter trademark.

If it wasn't out of the scope of this thread, I'd list nations in terms of GDP per capita, median income, quality of life, and the best of all median wealth per adult; which we do not even rank in the top 10.

And that includes blue states, take them out and red states would probably be on par with Poland.

I'm from NY and have travel in Europe, South America and many of the islands. I don't think you have traveled much at all you just look at stats. There are countries with higher standards of living but they use guest workers for the crap jobs and they are not included in the stats. If you add up the people around the world most are poor period with pockets of rich people. China is a big government country and they have a billion people who are straight up dirt poor. If you are talking about the most develop countries you need to figure in the guest workers. There is no middle class in South America for the most part, just wealthy and poor. Europe is a much more class based system then I think you are a were of. For that matter I've had to squat over a hole in the floor to take a crap in a public toilet in Europe more than once so I guess they must not spend there money on public bathrooms. LOL.