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Frontier Techs Left Phone Cabinet Doors Wide Open - at 1 AM

It's 1 am and their phone cabinet is wide open. Phone and DSL service comes out of that box. No tech's on site or in the area. My service comes out of that box. Internet was working when I left my house to go somewhere and I noticed it open. It did not appear that anybody bothered anything there.

Who are the proper people to contact this time of night regarding this? Would hate for someone to tamper with it or steal something out of it causing us to be without phone/dsl for weeks or months. So glad it is not raining right now or I bet that would be a heck of a mess.

Everett, WA
If you call repair or customer service with the address info I'm sure they can find the responsible work group.


·Frontier Communi..
reply to staregazer
I called customer service and they were closed. I called tech support and they said they would send the info to level 2 tech support and asked where the cabinet was located. If it had been raining, the people in my area would have been screwed or switched to cable to those that can get it. I dont know if they got it shut that night or if it was the next day but this evening the cabinet doors were closed as I drove by them.