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reply to jseymour

Re: Care Not I Do

said by jseymour:

They could be giving away Free Lap Dances With Happy Ending for the life of the contract and I still wouldn't bite.

I would. I guess we differ on that.

But I wouldn't want her to bite on the happy ending either.


Waterford, MI
reply to 88615298

said by 88615298:

Did you have your smartphone already and using it for other things already? If yes. Then it's free.

No, I do not, so, therefor, no, it would not be.

said by 88615298:

Notice the change in just 9 months. What will it be in 5 years?

If some of the predictions I've been reading lately are any guide: Not a whole lot different. They could be wrong, market analysts sometimes are, but it is believed by many that just about everybody that is inclined to go "smart"phone now has one--that the market is essentially saturated. Those analysts expect moderate growth in the "smart"phone market though next year, and then for it to essentially go flat.

We'll see.

said by 88615298:

I know many people w/o "smart"phones. Even a few that have no wireless phones at all.

We have some Amish here that have horse and buggies and no electricity.

I bet they're happier than most "smart"phone users you know