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Comcast Xfinity Blast installation (cable to home)


I chatted online with a comcast representative about scheduling an appointment to install comcast blast internet service to my home in Baltimore City, MD. After giving my exact address, I was told that the service is available for me and that I could also get a "self-install kit" and do everything myself.

The problem is that I do NOT have any cable outlet in my home. The representative was assiduously unclear about what I needed in order to perform a self-install (if you can imagine that). He repeatedly told me that I did not need to go "outside" to perform the install, but did not address the fact that I had NO CABLE to my house. Finally, I asked if the equipment connected using the phone line and he said "yes." Of course, that sounded suspicious. This is cable service and that requires an actual coax cable, right? Looking online about the self-install kits clearly shows that they're connected to a coax outlet.

Anyway, here are my questions:

1) If I don't have a coax cable outlet anywhere in my house, I can't use the self-install kit, right? Why would he say that self install is available for my location without even asking about if I have an actual cable?

2) If I need to have a cable routed to my house, can this be scheduled to occur in a predictable time-window in one day? In other words, it seems like a big job to route a cable from a utility pole to my house and then set-up the actual outlet and do the provisioning, will I have to be home on more than one day for this to occur? Because of work, I need to schedule this in advance and the last thing I want to do is wait all day to have the tech come and say that, oops, he needs to come back another today to do the hook up from the home to the utility pole!

Many thanks for any help/advice!

Schaumburg, IL
If you don't have any connection between the pole (or ground post) to your house, then they will have to come out and run that. Most of the script-readers can't believe that a house may never have had cable!


Stuarts Draft, VA
reply to angdis
This is what happens when you use Comcast chat. You need to call Comcast and explain everything to them and get a tech out there to install the line. They will give you a time, usually a 2-4 hour window where they will show up.


reply to angdis
Yes, you need to have a coax line. No, you do not need to have any type of phone service for comcast to work.


Colorado Springs, CO
The situation may be different at different locations depending on your ability to get a concession from Comcast. I think their policy is that they'll run a coax cable, either buried or aerial, to a ground block on a convenient side of your house. That's free of charge. They may charge you $50 to wire each outlet you want inside your house beyond the ground block. Depending on your ability to fish coaxial cable throughout your building, adding F connectors to the cable and the cost of the tools, cable and connectors, $50 may be a good deal. You might get this cost eliminated if you ask and are persuasive. If you only want Internet and not multiple TV outlets, this is probably a good deal. One thing Comcast installers tend to do for multiple outlets is run coax from the ground block around the outside of the house and through holes in the outside walls. Black cable running on the outside of a house can look messy especially for a multi level building.

You don't need phone service, either wired service to your local phone company or via Comcast's phone service to operate Comcast's Internet or TV service. However, you need some kind of phone service to call them when you have a problem. If you call them when there is a known area wide outage they tend to have a recorded message about it. I can't remember, but it seems they must be using caller ID to figure your location. When you talk to a human, the representative will often ask for your phone #, address and perhaps the last four digits of the Social Security number. As noted above, their Internet chat can be worse than useless because of the wrong answers you get. In future, use the phone service. If you're not satisfied with the what you get there, call again and you may get a better phone tech.
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