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Cincinnati, OH

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Re: Fioptics Speeds all over the place

He's got full FTTH. TV use should not be affecting the connection speed. They run at two different wavelengths over the fiber and the TV signal is split off before the ONT. Unfortunately with the Westell you can't see details on what the line speed is trained at in the web interface.

I'd rule out simple stuff first. Reset router. Check network cabling. Is it happening with more than one computer? If basic troubleshooting doesn't work you may want to contact support. A device somewhere in the chain could be hiccuping. Of course there's always the possibility that the zoomtown speedtest server was acting up and not reporting the right speed. I've seen that happen before. When you see it going slow on speedtest.zoomtown.com quickly try a local test server on speedtest.net to see if it is also going slow.
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Cincinnati, OH
Thanks! I will test from my Laptop and Desktop.


Cincinnati, OH
OK - download capacity is only shared on the FTTN service under certain conditions so FTTH rules that out. FTTH also explains the 10 Mbps upload.

speedtest.zoomtown.com seems to be behaving correctly right now. A trace route to it might show up routing issues.

It is also preferable to use wired connections for the speed test to rule out local wireless throughput problems.


Cincinnati, OH
Roberts-iMac:~ rlischer$ traceroute highspeed.zoomtown.com
traceroute to speedtest.zoomtown.com (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 1.012 ms 0.648 ms 0.473 ms
2 * * *
3 cin1.ws-zt-1.core.fuse.net ( 2.038 ms 2.444 ms 1.855 ms
4 ws-zt-1.cin1.core.fuse.net ( 1.906 ms 1.871 ms 1.886 ms
5 10ge9-1.newsw1.core.fuse.net ( 1.683 ms 1.821 ms 1.827 ms
6 * * 10ge8-4.sw2.core.fuse.net ( 6.934 ms
7 sw2.svs.fuse.net ( 1.955 ms 1.996 ms 1.712 ms
8 speedtest.zoomtown.com ( 3.826 ms * *

My speed right now shows 2.7 down 7 up. I am doing this test remotely using Teamviewer, so that might not be very reliable.


Cincinnati, OH
The total ping time seems reasonable for Fioptics FTTH.

I would not expect Teamviewer to make the difference between expected 30 Mbps down and ~3 Mbps - but best to check again with cleanest system / fewest elements in play.

It is always possible that you have an intermittent fault....


Cincinnati, OH
Thanks, I think I will plug in directly and run a test when I get home.


Cincinnati, OH
reply to CVGNet
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Got home from work and ran the test again, now I get 57 down and 10 up.


reply to rlischer
Hi rlischer,

My name is Katie and I work for Cincinnati Bell. Can you email us your account # and a convenient contact # so we can look into this for you? Please email us at cincinnati.bell@fuse.net and include DSLReports in the subject line.


Cincinnati Bell
Social Media Team