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This is a sub-selection from Your Bill will be going up...


reply to tkdslr

Re: Your Bill will be going up...

said by tkdslr:
Considering that all 214 MVDSS licenses originally where sold(2 FCC auctions, 2004/05) for 137M$ it's not a particularly good deal..
Depending on who you listen to this spectrum could be worth $$$ for use by cellular providers or wireless broad band.

Some think it worthless 8 years ago, today it could be worth less or more depending on who you want to believe...

Dish is betting on it being needed for either an MSS service or getting a waiver for a terrestrial based service, or a mix of both. MSS in areas they are too cheap to build towers, and terrestrial for more urbanized areas where tower sites exist and you lease space.. Crown Castle...

said by digiblur:
News is kinda late eh?

Dish is just going to sit on the spectrum like they have been doing on their many other licenses.
That may be true too.. but the spectrum could be used for a lot of things.... MSS is primary but it can still be used for MMDS and that could provide Dish with terrestrial back up for some limited offerings... lots of things mesh.. but I think every thinks that Dish is just going to sit on it.. but I doubt that for long. Auctioned spectrum has buildout requirements and there is only so many delaying tactics ie: requesting a waiver for non conforming use ie: terrrestrial v. MSS etc. you can do till the FCC says BUILD OR RELINQUISH.
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