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Saint Paul, MN
reply to McBrain

Re: [PvE] Hallow's End 2012 Thread

said by McBrain:

I got a Sinister Squashling the first time and my ring the second...If I were a smart fellow, I would have saved the Squashling for the AH in a few weeks.

I think I have at least 10 of them. Last year I did it on all of my toons. I got another this year. Right now the price is about 25G on my server. I've been trying to dump some Winter's Helpers and not getting any bites on those in the 200G range.

I've got three toons to level 89 or better to run this, so I'm getting three bags a day. I don't know how many more toons I'll try and power level this week, kind of doubtful since work and school will keep me pretty tied up.

I don't need the mount as I want to say two years ago or so they must have bumped up the drop rate as I want to say I had at least five toons with it prior to the merge.
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