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Big Dawg 23

Northfield, MN
reply to NiteSn0w

Re: Random...

What color is the sky in your world? AT&T classifies it as a Market for one and not cities like Sprint and some situations Verizon. As an example look at Chicago. AT&T classifies all of Chicago and its area one Market. While Sprint lists the cities. Sprint lists suburbs of Naperville and Downer Groves to name two. Under AT&T VZW its one Chicago.

Last week I was in St. Louis and stunned how far out my LTE coverage extended into eastern Illinois. My GNote did great while my VZW Jet Pack was SLOW.

Sprint is popping up cities to make it look good. I have friends with SGS3 in KC with joke for coverage and service.


If you look at the map I linked to above( let me link it below again) you would see what Sprint means by Chicago. By Chicago they mean Chicago land. They're listing specific cities in press releases to show that they're making progress throughout the market. I think when people living around the city of Chicago hear that Chicago is getting LTE they expect it to include Chicago land.

Here's Sprint's LTE coverage and AT&T's LTE coverage Sprint covers just as much or more of Chicagoland than Sprint and in every market they're deploying in their LTE coverage goes further out of the city's boarders.