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Why not now?
Pittsburgh, PA
reply to Maxo

Re: Wayland 1.0 Officially Released

said by Maxo:

said by firephoto:

Also should we start making bets on how they'll pull the rug out from under Nvidia if they change their drivers to work with Wayland? (and thus stomping on "freedom")

I know you ask the question in jest, but Wayland is under the MIT license.

Wayland only needs the kernel driver, not the X driver. For the proprietary drivers to "work with Wayland", they only need to work with the kernel directly. Nothing needs done to "work with Wayland" like is needed with X, except full Kernel support and communciation which fglrx, nVidia, and psb can not do (due to export_symbols_gpl).

I believe the jest was towards the Kernel devs, not Wayland (?)

Wayland is not really duplicating much work {regarding Xorg}. Where possible, Wayland reuses existing drivers and infrastructure. One of the reasons this project is feasible at all, is that Wayland reuses the DRI drivers, the kernel side GEM scheduler and kernel mode setting. Wayland doesn't have to compete with other projects for drivers and driver developers, it lives within the X.org, mesa and drm community and benefits from all the hardware enablement and driver development happening there.

Show off that hardware: join Team Discovery and Team Helix

We the people
Brewster, WA
said by markofmayhem:

I believe the jest was towards the Kernel devs, not Wayland (?)

Somewhat, they are creating a system based only on the new bits in the kernel that are tailored to dubiously allow only the desired video drivers to hook into the kernel.

Also the outlook for desktop computing is as much a threat to anything as pissed on roadblocks in front of Nivida binary drivers.
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