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This is a sub-selection from Your Bill will be going up...

Burnt Out Cynic
reply to TuxRaiderPen

Re: Your Bill will be going up...

Listen to some of you old fogies...

I agree the commercials during movies, and the censorship is bad, however if you want to watch movies only people in retirement homes watch then watch tcm, a channel most people who are not near retirement age do not watch. I don't watch much of anything on amc anymore due to those reasons, but they allow cursing, even partial nudity in their original series even if I only watch one of those series. When it comes to the movies, somebody else already censored them more than likely so they likely don't have any control of the source, some being so repressed to even censor religious blasphemy, but you have the helicopter parents who blame them for what they show during the day instead of monitoring their own children when they can get far worse on the internet in a few clicks. The kind who can't figure out how to use a v-chip.

They have a thing called ratings, and commercials to pay for the shows they make. If you like Mad Men they you have to realize it takes a ton of money to make that show, and you also have to realize Mad Men is meant for an older audience looking to the older days, however it's just one of their shows.

Welcome to the generation gap, realize when you are no longer the target audience, and move on please. It's not like you're actually watching those shows on mtv are you? I'm not either, but another generation is.

So if they kept the commercials out of the movies, and didn't censor them while only showing commercials during their shows I would be fine with this. They are not a premium network, but I do think they are trying to make too many shows, then when the ratings are not there to support the advertising space they simply get dumped.
I distrust those people who know so well what god wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires- Susan B. Anthony
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