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Resident pentaxian

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reply to Kaltes

Re: The return of the space flight combat sim

Lord of War
Lucky Number Slevin

Both are his movies and both are good as well. Lucky Number Slevin especially, a movie I've seen half a dozen times. Wing Commander wasn't awful, but it wasn't good either.

RSI hopes to get 2M. If they manage it, they'll get their private funding (not publisher funding) because they'll have proven there is a market for it. All-in-all, Roberts said during the Reddit AMA that they expected to spend 20M overall by the time the persistent online universe portion goes live.

FreeLancer was pressured to ship by Microsoft so many features were removed or borked. Still, it was a great game, so imagine what they can achieve without any publisher or stockholders pressuring you to release the game so they can get a payday, without caring for the quality of the game the slightest.

From Reddit AMA:

I'm curious about the budget, you're looking to raise a few million dollars but promise an amount of depth and complexity (MMO & singleplayer, visuals, etc) that needs at least 20 million (and that's probably not enough by far). Any plans on where to get the other 80-90% for the game? Do you plan on working with a publisher or do you have private funding?

We have private funding (not publisher funding). The crowd funding side helps to determine how ambitious we can be upfront. The overall game wont cost $20M upfront, but probably by the end of the first year of public release we will have spent that much between the original game and the ongoing content that year.

However, Skyrim and SC? Not even close of being the same type of game. The scope isn't the same either.

Los Angeles, CA

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said by TigerLord:

Lord of War
Lucky Number Slevin

Both are his movies and both are good as well.

No they weren't. The wing commander movie, he wrote and directed. Those other movies he was involved with he was only a "producer" which is an ambiguous position in movie-making which is non-creative.

My point is that this guy was involved in a few good games, but for example, the guy who actually made Wing Commander 3 was not Chris Roberts, it was Frank Savage. Chris Roberts went off to hollywood and filmed the cutscenes while Frank Savage made the actual game. The reason that game was great wasn't because the guy who directed the cutscenes did such an amazing job, it was because the game mechanics and gameplay were solid.

proof: »download.wcnews.com/files/wing3/···_xna.wmv

I don't doubt he played the same role in WC4, after all the game has a huge budget for the time of $12 million, most of which Roberts spent on cutscenes. This guy was a wannabe movie director who happened to be working for game companies. WC3 and WC4 were good games, but not because of Chris Roberts.

The only project which this guy OWNS, his baby, was the wing commander movie. He directed and wrote the thing. He owns it completely. It was the culmination of his whole career leading up to that point...

...and it failed about as hard as it possibly could have.

I remember I went to see it and I hated it, this coming from a big fan of the games. People I knew who saw it and didn't play the games just walked out like: DAFUQ WAS THAT?