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This is a sub-selection from wow

Ferrous Phallus

Southfield, MI
reply to meowmeow

Re: wow

Since Google Wallet works on the desktop, without hardware implements, my statement is at least 'remotely' true.


Helena, MT
My mistake, it appears we're talking about two different products both called "Google Wallet" - the one you're referring to used to be called Google Checkout and I forgot it had been merged into the Wallet branding.

The Google Wallet I and others are referring to is a phone app VERY similar to ISIS. The biggest technical difference is that ISIS uses a secure token on the SIM card, and Google Wallet uses one built into the phone. Both require a phone with NFC and support for either an ISIS SIM card or a built in "secure element."

Sorry if I came across rude, it wasn't my intention - I just couldn't figure out what you were talking about. I forgot about checkout being rebranded as wallet.

I just used Google Wallet today, at Home Depot and then to grab lunch at McDonald's.


Weirton, WV
so my verizon galaxy nexus can't use google wallet?


Helena, MT
Officially, no. The hardware is there, Verizon blocks the app. I've heard some people have had success installing it from the web at »play.google.com - if that doesn't work, you'll have to search Google. But it CAN be made to work - I saw a guy paying with a Verizon Galaxy Nexus at McDonald's a couple days ago (I know it was Verizon because he sells phone at Costco and I've talked to him a couple times so he said hi in line, nice guy). I shouldn't have said "only works" but rather "only officially works" - most people are suspicious enough, they're not going to hack their phones to get something working on it.