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Saint Louis, MO
·AT&T Southwest
reply to Woody79_00

Re: [FireFox] The most stable version

said by Woody79_00:

I don't really use Firefox anymore though. Mozilla insistence on treating its users as beta testers by pretty much forcing version upgrades every 6 weeks

Chrome does the same.
Firefox global usage has been on a decline since they started this nonsense.
Global usage is back to where it was 3 years ago but increased last month.
Opera has a solid release schedule, they don't release major version upgrades every few weeks
Because they use a different versioning schedule. It has nothing to do with the numbers. They hold back all features until some major change is completed. Firefox and Chrome release new features and upgrades when they are completed. iow, if feature A is ready to go in Opera, you won't see it until the over-arching upgrade is completed which could be in about a year. In FF and chrome, otoh, when feature A is done, it's released. It goes through all the same testing everything gets. It's just never put on hold waiting for something else.
When new versions of Opera do come out they show significant gains in the HTML 5 test
While FF and Chrome show incremental gains.
Firefox is just trying to play a version number game.
Again, version numbers are not marketing. It's a release point. A naming system.
Firefox lost me and a lot of other users as seen by their decline in the browser share by continuing this release cycle.

Then what would explain Chrome's triple-growth while they do the exact same thing?