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El Cajon, CA

[CA] Cox sales new commercials?

Have you seen the new COX sales commercials running in san diego is it an oxymoron type of deal? Cox use to say (UP TO 100 TIMES FASTER THAN DSL) now the new commercials say (TWICE AS FAST AS DSL) Other commercials say they keep increasing their speed? If its not reliable what good is it? If you go up the food chain to get a higher tech suport person you get the company response we use SMOKE PING to see if you have packet loss! No one would tell me what size packets and at what duration do they have the test set at? they sent me a 30 hr report that obviously had 3 sections with gaps in it? Did they edit it? to show no bad packets? or did the system just stop sending data 3 or more times? If I were you download this: » run it set the url to like, OCCOX.COM and watch the packet loss as these are in coxes internal network and you really shouldn't have any. MY office on a commercial account has 65% loss at all hops.

Mary Esther, FL
Twice as fast as DSL means this.. (re, the witch flying..)

» ··· VEGC00Ns

yea, people do not know how "fast" dsl is..



El Cajon, CA
How come (AT&T) uverse can guarantee 3 megs up and 18 down but COX can't guarantee any speed? And at&T deliveres it from a twisted pair of tiny coper COX uses better quad shield RG-6.


Phoenix, AZ
They can't... "speeds may vary and are not guaranteed" directly from the AT&T site.