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Benton, AR

Data usage

I have an problem with a son who is burning through data. He tells my wife that it is not him. is there any way to get a log of data usage by mac address?


Dallas, TX
Are you using a wireless router in your residence?

If you are, is it WPA protected?

If it's not WPA protected, someone maybe using your internet for free.

I can turn on my laptop, tell my Wi-Fi card right now to look for all the available wireless signals aside from the one from my wireless router;

I can tell you there are at least 3-4 near me every day with 1/2 to 3/4 full signal bars that are not protected I can piggyback off.

Some people are doing that, using Wi-Fi signal that don't belong to them and not paying for internet service of their own.


North Little Rock, AR
reply to rcaple
Also make sure WPS is turned off, as it is also vulnerable even if your using WPA encryption.
Make sure WPS is turned off.
It would not hurt to check to see if your using the latest firmware for your router as well.