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Not sure but...

It looks like Bell dropping the ball on this one. Afaik TekSavvy can't have send techs to the DSLAM and have to leave that all up to Bell to deal with. As much as you'd like to blame TS, this is more of a Bell not upgrading or maintaining their equipment issue.


I understand that it is a Bell hardware issue but the fact is my ISP is not Bell, it is TEKSAVVY. I can't very well complain to Bell as they are not my provider. TS is the only person to complain to and as I am THEIR customer, it is up to THEM to fix the problem. So, I have every right to complain to MY provider although it may be someone elses hardware issue, do you understand that? If a retailer sells you a product, say a TV, and this TV is malfunctioning out of the box, do they tell you to contact the manufacturer or do you return it to the retail you purchased it from for a replacement? You do the math...


Crestline, CA
To be honest I'm not getting it. What can TekSavvy do when Bell doesn't allow them access to the DSLAM, when they have to wait for Bell to upgrade the equipment, or run new fiber for more backhaul speeds? That's not TekSavvy's fault. They can get on top of Bell for it, but it's been made known before that Bell and the likes will make it harder on people who use an independent ISP on their networks by doing stuff like this. I understand your frustration, but made you should be giving a bad review to Bell, since they're the ones causing this mess, not TekSavvy.


I can't give Bell a bad review as I AM NOT THEIR CUSTOMER... why does no one see this? If I were to call them to complain, what would they say? Why are you calling us? We are not your provider! What is so difficult to understand about this?! MY provider is in charge of getting the problem fixed not Bell, although it is their faulty hardware causing the issue technically I AM NOT THEIR CUSTOMER!

Furthermore, Teksavvy is BELLS CUSTOMER. They pay Bell to use the lines therefore should be in charge of complaining to Bell to get the problem fixed, what is the matter with you people, how can you not understand this?