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Fullerton, CA

inherit 2 VoIP phones need router

ok somebody gave me two VoIP Cisco phones they retired. I might as well add this to my existing lab. what router do i need with software? CISCO 2620XM cme 4.1?? or is there something else i should get.

what i like to happen is when somebody calls my home number the IVR takes over.


What do you have as home phone service? Do you have POTS using the regular RJ11 cords or else?


Fruitland, MD

I am not trying to hijack the thread but I would like to know myself. I just passed my CCNA on Sunday and would like to jump into the Voice area. I have the router I can use, I believe It was a 2655XM and I have a 3550 switch for POE. I am currently confused about what type of FX card to purchase for the router. I have also purchase a DID number from a company called voip.ms, they are out of Canada but have office here in the US as well. So any help is appreciated and I am sure "Kracksmith" would be interested to know as well.

Raleigh, NC
reply to kracksmith

Depends on the phone... is it running SCCP (Skinny) or SIP? Can you find the appropriate, mostly current, firmware for it? (i.e. use google)

Unless you get a current generation router, you're going to be limited to a very old CME. There will be A LOT you will not be able to do with it. That said, 4.1 is what I run, because I'm cheap. You'll want to find something "voice integrated", meaning it has PVDM slots, or you'll need several additional network modules to support voice functions. All of it's pretty cheap on the EOL aftermarket. (ebay)

As for "what's FXS and FXO"... S = Station, i.e. a telephone. O = Office, ala Central Office... or incoming line. Looked at another way, FXS generates rings, FXO detects rings. Then there's Cisco's odd FXS/DID card that does parts of both -- it can be setup as an *incoming* DID line.


Fullerton, CA
reply to aryoba

i have AT&T pots so it's on analog. yes it uses regular RJ11 plug.

so it's either getting newer router with PVDM slots or run 2600 with cme 4.1 and get additional EOL router with additional modules to support voice function?

can you list out some routers going both routes and modules going both routes?

reply to kracksmith

2600-series obviously, but way EOL.

The newer 2800 series and slightly older 3700-series routers will also do this.

Module-wise, you can look at this list here, for Cisco Voice/WAN Interface Cards for analog lines -- as cramer noted, pay attention to the difference between
FXS and FXO and get card(s) accordingly.


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