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TSI Marc
Chatham, ON

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reply to DoubleEXP

Re: Differences between Teksavvy and Start

We've had bumps in the road there's no doubt. Sorry to hear you had a difficult time. Can you PM me your info so we can try to learn from your experience?

I'm surprised to hear you had any slow downs on our Rogers lines though because we have and have had plenty of capacity.

For the wait times, this is true that we've struggled with this. We've hired more than 50 staff in the last 3-4 months though.. It's not for lack of trying to solve it we're just not quit getting there. Back in April we had just moved into our new location. The old one was terribly undersized and was really crippling us.

For the finger pointing, if you're hanging out in the TekSavvy forum, I think you'll find a refreshing new tone.. I agree that it needed to change and we're working on that. I know what great customer service is and I intend to get us back there very soon now that the distractions are out of the way.

For your new service, that's great that there are others who can help also. Start seems to be doing a great job as well as others are also. There's plenty to go around and I believe that having more of us in the market strengthens all of us since the incumbents are so dominant, we need to work together. I welcome the friendly competition... But I do hope to get you back someday or at least restore your faith in us somehow.

If you can PM your info or contact me somehow, I'd also like to check on that credit you mentioned.

Marc - CEO/TekSavvy