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[Signals] When will new SB6121 firmware be out?

I searched and haven't seen a post addressing this specific question:

I have experienced the usual false signal issues (Modem reporting offline) and logs (T3/T4 Timeouts etc) with the firmware and have read that this only started occurring since the update to (Although I have seen some posts that said this has been happening before although those users might have had legitimately out of spec signals, not bad firmware thus those errors are real)

Question is, has anyone heard or has any information on how close Comcast/Motorola is to resolving this signal/log issue the 6121s are having and getting a new firmware release out? (For people who have in spec signals and nothing really wrong but still get those T3/T4 timeouts where they lose a channel and get offline status and a boatload of log errors)

I ask because I have a couple of weeks to return the 6121 I bought and go with a 5341J or some other modem and I'd just rather do that then keep dealing with these errors and channel drops. Granted, they aren't affecting my connection from what I can see but I haven't been live streaming much content or downloading a lot to know or tell if it is interrupting my service.

Has anyone ever noticed the modem actually interrupting or causing Quality of Service issues when these T3/T4 errors occur or are they truly phantom inside the modem due to the faulty firmware?

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kudos:20 was release by Motorola in May. was released by Motorola in September.

Comcast is usually at least 3 months behind Motorola since they test new firmware releases before pushing them out to customers.

Schaumburg, IL
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The main difference is that with 1068, if it can't set a channel to a higher transmit level, it will just drop to partial mode. With 1066, it reboots.