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Ottawa, ON

Hitron modem issues

I had the SMG Router for like about a year or more and since Saturday I was pinging out out of Mirc every 30min to 45 min and phoned rogers they got me to reboot the modem and the problem Still persisted so they told me to connect to power directly to the wall and the problem was still happening and so i phoned rogers again and the teck guy told me my Router could be flaky and to exchanged for the newer Router ( Hitron modem ) now I'm still ( (Ping timeout: 121 seconds ) and also my Yahoo Messenger goes offline every hour or so ...

Hi, I got this from a message board...

After blowing thru 5 Cisco 3825s for various issues, (wifi chip not working, dropped connections, going offline, etc) I was told by a Rogers tech to try the Hitron. First thing I noticed is the wifi is horrible...terrible speeds and poor reception, so I disabled the wireless and used an older Cisco E3000 as a router. Worked ok for a bit, but then the Cisco would lose connection, and all computers connected to it would not connect. I run an internet radio station from home, so connectivity and uptime is a major concern!

Also, the Hitron has gone offline for 4+ hours twice, exactly at 3:54 in the morning, and stayed offline until I woke up and realized that I was off air, and not connected. Last night it went offline at 1:41, but was only offline for 8 minutes, thankfully.

Today, after getting Rogers to get it out of bridge mode, I plugged everything back in to the Hitron and attempted one last time to use the wifi. Slow...but one other thing now has reared it's head...

I started uploading MP3 file segments to a remote server. I started doing them in groups of 3, as I"m on Extreme Plus, so should have the bandwidth. Previous to today, I could upload files at will, while simultaneously streaming audio to the web at 192, and while also being able to download other files, browse, etc with no performance issues. Everything crawled. I did a speedtest, and my ping was 42 ms, and my d/load speed was 80 Mbps!!!! I called support and they told me that if I am uploading, my download speed will suffer...first time I heard that!

So, I tried uploading 1, ONE 20 meg file and it went up to the web at 96 kbps and my download speed tanked to 3 mbps. I find this unacceptable, as I have been doing this practice for years, and never noticed this. This is my first big upload since getting the Hitron less than a month ago.

Question: Is this acceptable performance, or does anyone think there is something wrong with this modem? I have 1 mbps upload and usually get 50 mbps download, so 1 small file via ftp should not bring my entire service to a crawl, right?

Any comments appreciated! Considering the SMC or going back to the Cisco...