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Mountain View, CA
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Re: [TV] Wireshark - How-to HELP

1. I'm not familiar with FibeTV or what it is,
2. I am extremely familiar with Wireshark and am happy to explain to you bits/pieces of networking if you need it,
3. I need to understand exactly what it is you're looking for to be able to say whether or not Wireshark can help you. These description are simply too vague:

said by urbang33k:
How can I use wireshark to determine if there is a device on a FibeTV customers private network that is interfering/conflicting with the FIbeTV recievers and causing 'loss of signal'. IE, printers, GMOTE android app, virus/malware infected computers, etc.
said by urbang33k:
I am a FibeTV tech and I am asking a very specific question regarding wireshark specifically and whether anyone knows if it can be used to determine if there are conflicting(with FibeTV) hardware/software running the customers LAN.
If you could please be very, very specific and speak in IP network or networking terms (I'm talking OSI layer here) that would be great, otherwise I'm not 100% sure what you're asking. It almost sounds like you're asking "how do I determine if Device X and Device Y on a LAN segment are both trying to use the same IP address?" but I'm not sure because of the ambiguity of your question.

If you aren't familiar with networking -- I'm not talking about "IP addresses", I'm talking about protocols starting with layer 2 (ARP) all the way down to layer 4 (TCP/UDP) -- then I'm not sure I can help you at all, as I would be spending more time teaching you about IP networking than I would how to use Wireshark.
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