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Helena, MT
reply to tcope

Re: Fail... so far

ISIS is piggybacking on the fact that Visa and others are creating some nice incentives for retailers to accept EMV. I don't know about MasterCard (I forgot and am too lazy to Google it this second), but I know that Visa's EMV incentive program ONLY applies if you accept both contact and contactless EMV.

EMV is the future, the US maybe the last developed country in the world to go to EMV - but the benefit of that is that card issuers and networks are insisting that both contact and contactless EMV are supported here. In other countries, only contact EMV (almost unheard of in the US but expect that to change, big time, over the next year) is widely supported. Here, it's nothing - but it will be both.

ISIS and Google Wallet will work anywhere contactless EMV is supported and MasterCard works (for Google Wallet which presents itself as a virtual MasterCard, I don't know how that works with ISIS - since ISIS only allows specific cards it's possible it passes through the card as-is?). It doesn't need merchants to know they accept it *IT'S JUST ANOTHER CONTACTLESS EMV CARD* - what it does need is a whole heck of a lot more support for contactless EMV. And that's coming.