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This is a sub-selection from So what's in it for me?

Sandy, UT
reply to big_e

Re: So what's in it for me?

said by big_e:

What exactly would I be gaining to persistently store my financial information on a platform that has been proven to be easily compromised by malware? I'm sure the wireless companies are getting their share of the swipe fees for each transaction. My american express card had a wireless chip built into it for years, it seem to confuse the few POS terminals that support it more than anything else, so I have to swipe it anyways.

Can you site any situiation where account information has been comprimised on the mobile platform? Just because malware can affect a phone in some way does not mean it can gain access to ones financial information. The ISIS system is set up far differently then you mention.

What would you gain? A few things off the top of my head. ISIS will included loyalty info and offers. For example, you go someplace and buy 5 meals and pay with ISIS. The store then gives you a 6th meal for free. An store may give a 20% discount on something if you pay with ISIS. All of this costs you nothing. You also don't need to carry umteen discount cards with you.