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Re: [Poll] Should junk food be taxed?

said by booj:

said by El Quintron:

The problem is that corn, the main ingredient in all this junk is subsidized in the US, making fast food very cheap to produce.
d with less or no corn.

Bingo. Fast Food is too cheap because it is subsidized. Healthy food is subsidized less.

End the subsidies for corn products and farmers will grow something healthier.

The weird thing is that junk food isn't all that cheap. I was looking at cranberry juice, and I remember seeing that fruit drinks and 100% Tropicana orange juice and 100% fruit juice were about the same price.

Soda is $$$$$, chips are $$$$$, McDonalds is $$$$$. To be honest, it costs a lot to be a fat person these days. They could raise the taxes on it, but aside from generating more money off junk food consumers, I doubt it will make people more healthy.

I personally don't care if they tax it or not though.
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