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Thornhill, ON
reply to yyzlhr

Re: Rogers secretely removes $50 Overage Charge on Rocket Hub

said by yyzlhr:

Good luck with your complaint. I agree the practice is a bit scummy, but Rogers is well within their rights to do this. To bolster your case, I would write to the privacy office at Rogers to obtain the transcripts of the call where you were TOLD there is a $50 cap. Without this, your CCTS complaint will suffer. If you read the CCTS decisions on their website, the CCTS routinely reviews internal policy documents from the carriers and often makes decisions based on those policies. Keep in mind, the CCTS does not make decisions based on what the public feels is consumer friendly or not but based on the facts presented by both sides. The internal docs at Rogers CLEARLY state that the $50 cap is not advertised and customers are not supposed to be told that this exists and that it can change at anytime without notice.

If there were internal documents, then the customer rep would of seen that I had the $50 enabled for 19 months straight, instead of pretending that she never heard of it before. The act of them "Playing dumb" is infuriating, it would be preferable if they said "You HAD the $50 cap but now we have removed it" but instead they just beat around the bush and have no idea what your talking about.

Thanks for the tip regarding the privacy office, I'll see if I can contact them and get some info. I know for sure that they have mentioned the $50 cap more then once. There is a clear record of it, and I hope to get it.


Scarborough, ON
LOL, I don't think the rep was "playing" dumb. Chances are they legitimately did not know. This policy document also isn't easy to find as they don't want reps accidentally telling customers about the existence of this cap.