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Jedi Poster
reply to Blogger

Re: Guilford Co. voters say ballot cast for Romney came up Obama

said by Blogger:

Why complain? In reality its pointless. Compared to what the rights and law say governing the sacred US principles on its "citizens" voting the system nevertheless disgustingly plays out in reality as a farce dominated by scams, deception, fraud, and all sorts of dishonesty or the big fix. It's hopeless.

Every major candidate will have a large number of votes for them by:

Dead people

Non citizens

Someone other than who is registered at the polling place to vote

Voters that voted for one candidate have it counted for their opponent

Votes bought and paid for--AKA bribe

Voters that vote multiple times in the same election at multiple locations

And on and on and on...

Oops I forgot one the real big ones, the senior citizen that never met a ballot they could understand. They never know exactly who they really cast their vote for at the poll.

(I give you as the classic example, Florida in general, Dade County specifically, and the Gore v Bush election.)