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Lake Worth, FL

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Re: Does adding to DMZ require DHCP assigned IP ??!!

Honestly I hate these 2WIRE modem/routers!!

They are not standard. I do not see any thing like Static DHCP Assignment in it. I wonder does DMZ really need device to have DHCP assigned IP ??? I was thinking that in fact it would better have static IP than DHCP assigned one!

In fact with DMZplus in 2WIRE modem/routers something interesting happens!!
I made my ip phone to accept DHCP assigned ip's by router and then I added it to DMZplus. The ip phone got my valid internet ip.
Now, I restart my modem/router and my ip phone. Modem/router knows ip phone again and it is still in DMZplus with my new valid ip!!!

I have no idea how modem/router knows it. I did not enter any MAC address anywhere.