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Re: Ahh the clueless iPhone consumer

said by Telco:

First off, your typical android user is much more tech savvy than an iPhone user. The fact that VZ has the most customers, yet sold less iPhones during the same quarter says a lot.

Sounds like a personal opinion lacking proof. And any proof you though you had from this article is actually wrong, see below.

said by Telco:

You missed my point. Iphone users are still flocking to AT&T and paying close to what you pay for VZ, yet receiving a significantly worse cellular experience. That is my point.

That chart doesn't show users flocking anywhere. The majority of the 4.7M iPhone activations were existing customers buying a new phone.

AT&T only had a 678,000 net increase in total wireless subscribers. Verizon Wireless, meanwhile, added 1.5 million retail postpaid subscribers. People are actually flocking to Verizon by a factor of 3x. And the iPhone accounted for 46% of the 6.8 million smartphones Verizon sold in the quarter.

All those clueless iPhone consumers? Not quite. They're jumping ship to Verizon and half of Verizon's customers are buying iPhones.
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Re: Ahh the clueless iPhone consumer

Yes the statement was empirical, however, Android is a lot more user configurable than IOS. I cannot even change the MMS settings on the iPhone without a hack.

Look at all of the custom roms and so forth avialble for android. Look at all of the tech apps, like the detailed cellular wireless network apps available. Whereas, without jailbreaking, even then, you are extremely limited in this aspect with IOS.

I have two handsets, an iphone 4s and a SGIII. I have the freedom to configure lots more than I can on the iphone. Love both phones, however, with the SGIII, there are no limits as to what I can do with it, what I can run, or how I can customize the handset. These are all things that someone techy would do.

Those who are not techy, have zero interest in any of that. Therefore, it's easy to see that both users and the apps available for android are more IT inclined.


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