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East York, ON
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Re: Beware of Teksavvy Phone Service

If you get stressed over a phone line, you really need to look at yourself... It's really not worth it..

The CSR's being rude, I can't comment on...

TSI's home phone is 100% resold bell, so to their defence, you would have had this issue regardless if the line has problems... and good luck fighting with Bell's outsourced staff from overseas.... If the phone is not working, and hasn't worked... TSI should not be charging you anything. I have a feeling based on how you wrote this, your not the easiest customer to deal with, and may have started flipping out instead of explaining the situation, and why you feel you shouldn't have to pay.

TSI only sees what Bell puts in their portal, as it's 100% resold bell service. Bell has this habit of saying things are fine, when they aren't. If that's what' TSI sees, it's your word against theirs, which TSI would have to figure out who is right.

This takes time, and loads of deep breathing.

It's sad when these issues happen, but technical issues happen with all companies, even bell.. I can tell you from experience...

They will get sorted out, but you may need some management involvement. Once it's working, it will likely stay the way.



Your comments are fair, and I understand that if there are technician issues, they are all due to Bell (since Teksavvy is just a reseller). However, from past experience, I also know that Bell is much more responsive if you are directly a customer of theirs than they are being in this case. If I had Bell phone service, I would have definitely encountered the same problems; however, they would have been resolved by now.

I don't get stressed over a phone line, but I do get stressed when I have to spend an hour a day on hold for 6 weeks to get a basic phone line. I think that's normal.

As for the "flipping out" part, I did flip out yesterday, but only after they sent me the second bill. I understand that teksavvy bills in advance, but why are they continuing to bill me? The CSR said that they would apply a credit once my service finally started, but that doesn't make any sense to me at all. Why should I have to front them the cash, and then chase them down (and be put on hold for hours) to get my credit later? Bizarre.