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Re: Beware of Teksavvy Phone Service


Your comments are fair, and I understand that if there are technician issues, they are all due to Bell (since Teksavvy is just a reseller). However, from past experience, I also know that Bell is much more responsive if you are directly a customer of theirs than they are being in this case. If I had Bell phone service, I would have definitely encountered the same problems; however, they would have been resolved by now.

I don't get stressed over a phone line, but I do get stressed when I have to spend an hour a day on hold for 6 weeks to get a basic phone line. I think that's normal.

As for the "flipping out" part, I did flip out yesterday, but only after they sent me the second bill. I understand that teksavvy bills in advance, but why are they continuing to bill me? The CSR said that they would apply a credit once my service finally started, but that doesn't make any sense to me at all. Why should I have to front them the cash, and then chase them down (and be put on hold for hours) to get my credit later? Bizarre.