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Re: [Poll] Should junk food be taxed?

said by urbanriot:

said by A Lurker:

I can see with families, running kids to multiple activities how it's far easier to pick something up or heat something up.

I don't buy that excuse (not from you but from parents that make it) as all you need to do is look at some hispanic foods for some super quick and easy recipes where you basically throw some food into or onto a pita (whole grain of course), toss it in an oven for a few minutes and chow down.

I think this leads back to another thread we had concerning education, where people aren't aware of healthy 'quick and easy' foods they can make because it's outside of our new cultural norm of warming up what's advertised on TV.

Face it. A lot of people simply don't know how to cook at all. I know a few people who would starve to death if it weren't for frozen Michelina and No Name President's Choice dinners and meat pies. Between those and McDonalds that's pretty much all that they eat. And I'm not talking about 20 somethings here. These are people in my age group, 50's, 60's.

The only real way to get people to eat healthier is to brainwash educate them at an early age and teach them proper nutrition and cooking skills as part of the academic curriculum. Slapping a tax on anything is just another lazy man's cash grab.