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A Lurker
that's Ms Lurker btw
Wellington N
reply to urbanriot

Re: [Poll] Should junk food be taxed?

said by urbanriot:

I think this leads back to another thread we had concerning education, where people aren't aware of healthy 'quick and easy' foods they can make because it's outside of our new cultural norm of warming up what's advertised on TV.

Oh, I agree. I don't do it myself, but I understand why people do it. Honestly, I do wonder, other than a few go to dishes, how many people can throw together a decent meal (ie. relatively healthy) consistently night after night. Portion sizes are somewhat out of control and I'm not sure people recognize it. The few lunches and dinners I've had out usually involve splitting an entree and adding an extra salad to it.

With the internet there are tons of resources, but I do think education is lacking. There's so much information but not enough guidance on how to best use it. We're almost at opposite ends of the spectrum - excessively high calorie take-out and too low calorie diet meals (and I wouldn't put them in the healthy for the most part). Somewhere in between is where most people should be eating.