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Hilo, HI
reply to Woody79_00

Re: [FireFox] The most stable version

Where did you get the idea that Opera is not playing the same insane game that all other browsers seem to be playing? Opera has deteriorated considerably since 11.0. The current version is a complete mess. I had Opera as my default browser until Fx 4 was released and then I began using it most of the time but still used Opera and kept up with all the updates. The current version is awful. Opera stopped being a great browser with 10x. In other words, it became as bad as the others when Opera decided to defensively move to a rapid release schedule to try and compete with the other browser that were doing this insanity.

For me, on XP Pro, the most stable version of Fx is version 4.0.1. I have version 10.0.9 on a virtual machine running XP Pro also and it is not stable. Plus, Session Manager is not working right on it but it works fine on Fx 4.

It will be interesting to see how Fx 10 is on a new computer when it arrives (Windows 7 Pro).
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