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Montreal, QC

Problem with Acanac

Hi all,

I've been 2 weeks without any connection. I've tried to contact the phone technical support department of Acanac without success.

By email, they give one answer per day. I've done everything they told me. I've even bought a new dsl modem..

Now, I'm trying to cancel the contract, but without any success. They are telling me to wait the answer of the retention department.. I have like the impression that they trying to win time so as to charge me another month.

Have you ever had this problem ? is it possible to report to the consumer protection office ?


Riviere-Beaudette, QC

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Hi Article 204 of the Loi sur la Protection du Consommateur says that your cancellation notice takes effect immediately, ie at the end of your current month of billing.

You can report to the Office de Protection du Consommateur, but why dont you simply tell your credit card issuer that you will oppose any new charge ? You will see that, if a payment fail, they will not " gain time " anymore as soon they realize that maintaining your service is at their own expense. It will suddenly be their top priority to disconnect you and terminate your account.

And make sure that you sent them your cancellation notice as per their contract. Keep that email for future reference.

You could even claim a refund for the time you were without service, but it would be a lot of trouble for a modest amount of money.


Montreal, QC

Because I have already paid 3 months !


Riviere-Beaudette, QC
reply to Diezel
You dont give much details.
When did you subscribe ? For what term ? 3 months ? And the 3 months will finish soon ?

When you reach the end of your term, Acanac will charge your card for an equal term. 3 months if you took 3 in beginning; 1 year if you signed for 1 year originally. etc

Anyway, what I said in my first post is the thing to do if you are reaching the end of your term.

If you meant " I will lose 1 month of potential refund ", it s something else but they still have to terminate your account at the date you specified to respect the Law.

If you are cancelling somewhere in mid-term and it s your first term, they must disconnect you as you requested and send you a refund minus a small penalty as per article 214.7 of the Law

That is they can bill you the months you used the service at their regular price instead of the discounted price.

For example, if your price was 50 per month for a 1 year contract and the regular price is 56 when you chose a month-by-month subscription and you used 3 months, your refund is 9 months X 50 - ( 3 X 6 ) = 432