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Warwick, RI

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Re: Will Verizon shut down copper phone accounts?

Staying on-topic:

The letter says that VZ will *eventually* migrate everyone off of copper. While they're thinking years, they want you to think months.

If you make the transition soon, they will be able to offer you a wider variety of services including TV and Internet. If you migrate you can retain your existing voice phone service with no change in rate.

What they're not saying clearly is that DSL is a copper service, not available on fiber. You will be migrated from DSL to FiOS internet, and if you choose to retain a similar speed/price package, they will offer you their 3/1 package which will be comparable performance to DSL, but I'm certain it will be a higher monthly price, with pressure and incentive to go faster. Once you've selected a speed which is part of a bundle (15/5 is current bundle minimum), you'll never be able to go backwards to slow and cheaper.

If you really want to keep your copper service, wait until they tell you they're shutting it off. Then migrate. But you already know that a second DV line will be cheaper than holding on to your existing copper line.

Weigh the pros and cons.