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Reading, PA
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Re: [X1] Xfinity TV on X1 Platform and X1 Remote Control App!


In my opinion I would say that the HD picture quality is better than Comcast. SD picture quality is worse, but HD has much less macroblocking and artifacting, especially during fast motion and around logo's. They are rolling out new encoders (I think manufactured by Erricson) which are more efficient than the older ones. It's MPEG4 so it takes less Mbps to transmit a comparable MPEG2 picture quality. Also less Mbps translates to more efficient storage on the DVR's hard drive. That's great if you have the standard 500GB Hard Drive, but even the Genie DVR has 1TB drive. I'm surpised Comcast's DVR's offer so little space, especially the fact they have to store MPEG2 transport streams (higher bitrate than MPEG4 transport streams).

The latest HD channels on DirecTV like BBC America and DIY are my favorites. I have to say the picture quality is excellent. I only really watch HD and I have SD duplicates hidden from the guide (it's the default). DIY is channel 230 for example, so if i type in 230 or scroll to it, I automatically see it in HD. That's REALLY cool IMO. Now when the in-laws come to visit, they are watching HD. Before with Cable they would always put the wrong channel on since cable operators have that wacky channel numbering scheme with HD content hidden way high up in the guide that people don't even make it up that far when browsing.