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reply to Count Zero

Re: Ahh the clueless iPhone consumer

Yep in complete denial. Meanwhile you can't name any specific features Google copied from Apple. Nor reply to any of my points directly.

I'd rather be a Phandroid than a Sheep.

Count Zero
Obama-Biden 2012
Winston Salem, NC

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Again, have you ever look at what android was pre-2007, everything android is now stems from the "Original Sin" – the blatant ripoff of iOS. The incremental updates the android has made "over" iOS are all due to that, and Apple's software release cycle being later in the year than android.

And in my experience, having used my brothers Motorola droid, and several droids of other people at work, iOS has always been more stable, the hardware has always worked better, and faster and more responsive, and has been less crash prone.

One important thing my iPhone has done very well since the 3GS is exchange compatibility, my friend with droids all had to pay for Good email software, Apple had it built in. Media has always been better on the iPhone. There are more high-quality, medical apps on the iPhone.

The iPhone screen blows away every other display I've seen next to it – including the Samsung galaxy three.

With the exception of widgets on the home screen, I have never seen Android to do anything better than the iPhone, and most things on android have been buggy in my experience.