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reply to jack1212

Re: AT&T DSL connection drops intermittently

You have line trouble. Here is a rundown on what those numbers mean:

»AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ »How do I check modem stats & event logs? What do the numbers mean?

A downstream Attenuation of 48.4 dB should be comfortable for 3.0M service; but I would expect SNR to be ~13 with that attenuation. Your SNR is only 2.0 dB, which is why the connection is all wonky. I had 3008/512 sync with only 11.0 dB SNR (higher would be better) and 51.0 dB attenuation (lower would be better).

Do you have voice service on the line, or is it dry loop. With voice, if you have quality issues on the voice side, such as static, hum, crosstalk, or the like, getting that fixed can help tremendously. I saw my SNR drop below 3.0 dB with voice line problems.

Also, re-checking at the NID can help sort out if it is premises wiring (numbers will be improved), or plant wiring (numbers won't change).

»AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ »How to check modem stats, synch rates & speeds from test jack at the NID.
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