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Re: Ahh the clueless iPhone consumer

First off, if you do not care, then why are you talking about it? Try using AT&T 3G in Manhattan and then come tell me how awesome they are.

Not to mention, you have these things called independent studies that analyze the wireless sector. Root Metrics for example illustrates that VZ is #1 across the board in NYC.

Like you stated, VZ works well wherever 'you' go. However, that doesn't reflect the experience of 310 million people. There have been many times that I have had Zero coverage right in central park with ATT. Whereas, with no bars but a D, I am able to make a clear call with Verizon.

New York, NY

Once again, the point is that coverage depends on location and who has better coverage depends on where you want to use your phone.

Saying AT&T has poor coverage where you frquently use your cell phone and so you refuse to use their service is fine. Saying that every person that uses AT&T is an idiot is idiotic.



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First point is common sense.

I rely on the various data and independent reputable rankings that compare and contrast actual network performance, in various 'cities' throughout America. Most illustrate time and time again that VZ is #1. Then you have the Customer Service side of things, where AT&T is ranked dead last.

These are not my opinion, these are independent sources there for all to see. Not sure why you fail to grasp this concept and I am certainly not telling you what or who to use.