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Upper Marlboro, MD

Motorola Driod Bionic ICS update

Any folks out there updated their Driod Bionic with ICS pushed by Verizon recently?

I keep getting the update notification. However, I have kept on ignoring it for good reason for now.

Awhile back, I updated my Toshiba Thrive tablet with ICS and it wrecked havoc with Flash. I wasn't able to view any flash enabled website anymore even though flash worked perfectly before using Honeycomb. After trying to get this fixed for about two weeks with no luck, I was finally able to get a technie to rollback the update back to Honeycomb and flash now works great again.

Now, I am concerned that upgrading my Bionic to ICS will result in a similar issue with Flash for me. Other than still getting Flash to work, the update pushed by Verizon fixes 4G LTE connectivity issues that is a known Bionic issue.

PS: I know Flash is eventually going away. However, I still use a lot of sites that require flash and thus, it must work after the upgrade.


Pittsburgh, PA
Can't say for a Bionic but Flash works fine on the Rezound with 4.0.3

reply to navyson
Yes. Moto Bionic, updated to ICS a few days ago & I lost flash too. Also stuck on 4g now, before 4g dropped constantly so I switched to cdma only. Nice to have decent 4g but now I have to deal w quick battery drain. Wth.

Huntington Beach, CA
reply to navyson
Abobe stopped supporting Flash on new releases of Android: » ··· omorrow/


Lynnfield, MA
reply to navyson
Embedded flash stops working with the update, you can get around this by searching for and installing FLASH 11.1 apk.