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Phoenix, AZ

[ARIZONA] Any other (former) users?

Have you also been abandoned by, who appears to have gone down in flames?

Please comment or contact me.



My Deru hosting was working until about 2 days ago, and now no email, cannot access my site, cannot reach Deru by any means. Does anyone know what happened? Or what to do?

Thanks, John

Same situation here. I have two sites hosted there. Sites, support are MIA; voice mailbox full, emails bouncing back. Sorry, wish I knew what was going on.

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Same situation here (upstate NY; used Deru's $49/yr plan for years). I'd appreciate hearing of any contact information, like others.

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anybody know what's up with them? hard-earned $ down the drain...

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totally appears their DNS servers are up but everything else is dark...emails are bouncing. I have moved my stuff to a new host but someone could try calling Darin @ 480-998-7237.

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The executive at Deru I worked with for at least ten years was DARIN WAYRYNEN, 5869 E BLUE SKY DR , SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85266, with a listed telephone number of (480) 236-4456.

I hope he is OK (he was a big beer fan), and I hope he might get back in contact when things get a little better for him.

My site is still up and the server it's on is fully live - my email is also on that server and still live. I have NO idea what's going on - is there no one in Phoenix who can go by the store?

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My two sites have been offline since about Nov. 16th. Same experience as you all described here: Deru is unreachable. The only site I could raise was I am now migrating to another hosting ISP.

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I have a co-hosted server with them. All sites on it are up, but their site is non-functional and no responses to my emails yet. I live in Scottsdale and will drive their tomorrow.

reply to BearAZ
I have been down there, the office is empty and the property manager "can't talk about it", but there was a security guard directing people so I guess a lot of others are worried about their sites as well.


Phoenix, AZ

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reply to BearAZ
According to the AZ Corp Commission, Deru Communications was dissolved in early September (» ··· PORATION). Erik Kearney, who originally set me up, and Deru's co-founder, left the company in July, a month after I signed on with them in June!

Email quit working entirely for me on about November 14. Oddly, I can still log into their FTP/Webspace, but I have long-since moved to in Mesa, AZ.

I, too, had gone by their office at Central & Osborn on 10/10, which is close to home. There were three folks there "working" on computers, but claimed to have no clue what was going on and indicated that no one had been in the Deru office (in the back) for over a week. I had been aware they were sharing office space with someone, but this still seemed really peculiar.

I foolishly paid Deru for a full year (commencing last June), hoping to help support a small local ISP, rather than put all my eggs in one basket with one of the giants. I suppose no good deed goes unpunished, eh?

Get A Mac
Phoenix, AZ
reply to BearAZ
Deru is DeGONE! Their website barely even loads, and when I call their customer service, I get nothing but a voicemail, and never a call back. I went to 1&1 just like my other sites, and they have been nothing but good to me.

Very very shady business indeed, Deru, that is.

Billy Y
From the "Deru dead?" thread in alt.primenet.recovery...
Paul Wylie writes, quoting broekemeier:

> > Anyone have any idea if Deru went out of business? My parents still
> > have them as an ISP and their email has been out for over a week.
> > Deru's not answering their phone and their voicemail is fill.


> It sure looks bad, but parts of the company are still up:
> is down,

It's actually up, just not reachable via L3. Hard to say why,
though. I don't know how their LAN is/was configured.

> but is up. In addition, the MX records for
> ( and (
> are both up, and you can telnet to them on port 25.

A couple weeks or so ago their Level 3 (backup) connection quit
working. I could still reach them via Puregig/Highwinds (their
main upstream provider).

So, I sent them a note, and got this response -

| : host[] said:
| 451 Temporary local problem - please try later (in reply to RCPT TO command)

But, after five days, my MTA gave up.

I have a (comped) shell account there, that I use to work on the
Linux version of my version of the tin newsreader. Looking at who
has logged in when, I see the last time Eric Kearney (Darin Wayrynen's
partner or at least number two guy - Deru is Darin's ISP) logged in
was Wed Jul 25 14:06 - 18:08. I used to see him there pretty much
every day.

Anyway, then Deru's name resolvers went missing. Not a big deal
for me, as I use IP addresses in my scripts. The shell host has
stayed up, and is still up right now -

23:41:32 up 315 days, 5:11, 2 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

Both users are me.....

Then -- just a few days ago their L3 connection came back up, and
so did their DNS resolvers. And, mail to them is at least getting
delivered. I sent another note to support, and got an automatic
response with a ticket number. But, after more than a day now,
nothing further. I can no longer log in to their trouble ticket
system, nor, for that matter, their news server. I haven't used
mail there in about ten years, and am not even sure where it lives
now (I think they moved it off the shell host about 8 years ago).

So -- this is still quite a mystery to me. I am now doing daily
off site backups just to be sure.....

Looking at Darin's web site - »Wayrynen.US - I see this note
at the top of the page [sic] -

| Darin Wayrynen & Eric Kearney closed Deru Communications Aug. 31, 2012
| without notice nor further assiatance to any customers. Yes, Aug 31.2012

I rather doubt Darin put it there - but, someone certainly did. Heh.

I will definitely miss them if they are gone - they are good people,
and the services they provided were quite good, too. If/when I find
out what's up, I'll post another note here.......

Billy Y..

reply to gwpdagwpda
I had several domains registered and hosted at Deru. Two of the websites/email went dark around 11/15/2012 with no notice. No response from them on email and their support phone number goes to a "voicemailbox full" message. After two weeks of outage, one of them came back to life, but cPanel is still disabled (doesn't look like they've paid the licencing fee).

Deru's owner's (Darin Wayrynen) personal website is down too. From all the clues, my guess is that they stopped paying their bills sometime this summer/fall and ran off (fleeing creditors?), leaving things on autopilot. Too bad- I was a customer for most of a decade and till now was quite happy with their responsive service.

For a couple of reasons, I also suspect that there may be someone there quietly trying to keep things going: Before their main site went down, I had a brief tech support chat about cPanel, and their support website recently came back online. It's nice that there's a technician there with some sense of responsibility, but obviously they've lost my trust.

reply to Billy Y
Deru came back up -very unexpectedly over the weekend of the 30/1st about. I'd been trying to access thru my shell account for at least a month until then. I had been able to FTP to my site all the time, but by that weekend was pretty convinced it was going to be shut down altogether. I had transferred my domain and all the files I could grab the week before.

Now it's back up sort of. The problem on my side is that I can no longer access the CPanel system in order to grab the information I need to re-implement the php database which pretty much means I have to get a programmer in to bring the system back up.

I have no idea what the game is - I too had been a long time Deru user, have known Darin for easily twenty years, and this is a lot more and a lot worse than I expected.


Phoenix, AZ
Sort of is right. Deru email servers appear to be offline again today, along with the FTP servers and website.

A bit of a trainwreck, I'm afraid.

Billy Y
reply to gwpda
Well, sometime between 10AM and Noon today network connectivity to Deru went away again (I'd left a shell session running for a few days, and noticed it had died shortly after Noon) - they are again unreachable from either Puregig/Highwinds or Level 3.

I'd though about phoning Puregig and asking what's up, but then I thought if I did that maybe they'd realize they should have shut down Deru, so it seemed better to just leave it alone and give people more time to try getting their stuff moved elsewhere. If it stays down for a while, I will eventually make the call...

Regarding CPanel, Deru's license(s) seem to have expired, and I don't think there is any way for a user to load one of their own.

Billy Y..

reply to BearAZ
My site has been down for over month and just today I received and invoice! Wow no support, no service, not a single call returned, but an invoice is here and they show a unpaid balance due....are they hoping that some idiot would actually pay?

reply to BearAZ
I just received an invoice in my inbox today from billing at, dated Dec 17th, but saying they would bill my credit card one day prior to renewal of my hosting agreement, Nov 12th. I replied to the email, saying to cancel all services and refund any charges. As far as I can tell, nothing was charged to my card yet.

I have already grabbed a copy of everything on my site, and then deleted it. I signed up with another hoster and changed my DNS to point there.

The invoice lists their address as....

Deru Communications
ATTN: Accounts Receivable
7119 E Shea Blvd STE 109 # 539
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Follow-up: three hours after receiving the invoice (which I refused), I received a receipt for payment charged to my VISA. Checked the bank, and the charges are indeed pending. I replied again to billing at and got a trouble ticket assigned to my issue.


Phoenix, AZ
reply to BearAZ
Which brings up the question: what entity is handling billing for and do they even know that Deru Inc. no longer exists?

I wonder what would happen if I asked for a refund, since I paid them, back in June, for an entire year. (Yeh, I know :-( )

If I discover anything on the finance end of all this, I will share with the forum here.

info ~at~


Phoenix, AZ
reply to BearAZ
I did end up, yesterday, emailing deru billing and asking for a refund for the unused portion of the year I paid for.

Not a peep yet. Nor did the email bounce. (The deru mail/ftp servers do seem to be up again, though the website is gone.)

Is it possible that the invoices some of you received are automated? I can't imagine a human actually doing it at this point, unless they're working for free ... and then, to what end?

I have experienced that same thing as all of you guys. This is terrible. I just want to take my domain name to another host, but when I go to to see if it's been freed up, it hasn't. How can I take ownership of my domain name?

Contact and tell them of your plight with Deru. They're aware of it already.


Phoenix, AZ
reply to BearAZ
Is there some sort of legal action that would be appropriate here? Filing a report with some sort of official entity?

I did obtain a form from the Att'y General's office, but never sent it back since Deru, as a corporation, was dissolved a couple months ago. And, if I understood correctly, there is no regulation or governance of ISPs here.

Perhaps someone else knows more about these sorts of things and can comment further or make suggestions.


Phoenix, AZ

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reply to BearAZ
At one time, I'd have been more concerned about the ethics of posting someone's phone number in a public forum, or would have considered it going too far.

I have turned up a number for Eric Kearney, former co-founder of, in my saved emails. I had honestly lost track of the number, and not remembered that he'd included it in one of our many emails back and forth. FWIW, he never indicated that it was private or unlisted.

In the single conversation I had with him at this number (which was still stored on my phone at that time), right after Deru went black on 10/9, I found out that he'd bailed on them in July and was quite unwilling to say much ... other than that he was now working for someone else, and that I should probably find a new ISP. I was being as nice as I could, hoping to ferret out more about what was actually going on.

Perhaps someone else would like to try calling, and see if Eric is still at this number, and if he is willing to provide further insight or advice.

480 529-3608


Phoenix, AZ

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reply to BearAZ
Deru's website is back up, and now includes the following "News"

"January, 2013
Deru restructures and brings on new executive team."

The following names, two of which are new, appear on the "About" page:

Darin Wayrynen, President, CEO and Co-founder
Stephen Shearin, Vice President of Business Development
Charles Bassett, ESQ, Internal Legal Counsel

They are also once again in "Good Standing" with the AZ Corp Commission after filing the appropriate paperwork/fees...according to the AZCorpComm website.

Has anyone been successful in contacting Deru?