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Whitby, ON

disconnected every hour

I would say for a few months I have been experiencing disconnects from the internet every hour, this will go on for days and then stop, and then it will randomly start again. I've had Rogers tech replace the box outside of the house, and even replaced the cable with new one. I have replaced the modem/router with a new one, I have even bought a new nic card, as well as reformatting my computer and I still get disconnected every hour. Anyone else getting this problem?


Borden, ON
I have also been getting this for the last couple weeks. A very quick DC at exactly the same time every hour. If your just surfing the web or something like that you might not even notice.
But if you gaming or streaming video it gets annoying real fast.

I suspect it has something to do with when the modem is trying to check on the DHCP address that I'm being assigned. It shouldn't be doing it every hour nor should it even disconnect while doing it. However if I set myself for a static ip using the addressing info it had before I don't get the DC's every hour. Also if I do a manual DHCP release and renew then the time it DC's changes to exactly 1 hour since last DHCP renew.

I have a SMC modem and tried finding where it sets it's lease time at but couldn't find it. I think it might be in the config scripts but not sure how to access those.

As usual tech support told me to power cycle etc etc etc, then go to a rogers store to replace the modem..again. I'll be playing more with it tonight and maybe tomorrow. If I still can't fix it then I'll see about replacing it with something other then an SMC modem/router.

Anyone else have any ideas?


I also have been getting this DC every hour thing. I have no clue how to fix it. I've tried changing the DHCP lease time, tried to update drivers on my computer, etc. and no luck. It started like 3 weeks ago, went for a few days, stopped, and now it started again, and has been doing this for the past 6 days, and it's quite obnoxious


reply to HalfzeRO
I have also been disconnecting in the last 2 weeks something that has not happened in 12 months (the culprit was my router that time). Now when I reset my modem I get blazingly fast internet for a couple of hours and then it starts acting up again, is this Rogers or my old modem?


reply to HalfzeRO
This started a few weeks ago for me in Richmond Hill. Not sure if its every hour, whether its address related. I do work from home so business and income depend on it. I use skype alot so I have had video and audio disconnect. Looks weird to people on the other side.So this can't go on for me. Tech support has said there definitely is packet loss but I think this is a snow job not wanting to fess up to the possible deeper and widespread problem with their infrastructure and the company. If this unreliable service goes on I am not sure what a better option is...


Ottawa, ON
reply to HalfzeRO
I've been getting similar disconnects in the Ottawa-west area since about end of October.
Signal is all good/great, no disconnect logs according to the rogers' servers.
Same error messages in the modem logs, on both the surfboard and SA Webstar modems.

Keep getting techs trying to upsell me as a method of fixing the issues. It's a back-end issue. From what I'm able to guess, it's channel leakage on the internet cable (some channel overlap)

I'm getting REALLY sick of the techs blaming MY equipment (computer, network card, browser, drivers, etc...) when I don't buy the issue as being 5 different modems.

Waterloo, ON
Had the same issue,was disconnecting minimum a dozen times a day had the SMCD3GN which I have had for 3 years and have gotten blazing speeds 0 problems that is until they introduced the Hitron so I got that and once again back to no problems -_-
I think they do it just to force people to upgrade their modems.

Theres my speeds on wifi on the Hitron.


I've got a replacement SMCD3GN unit (after an identical model previously) and I've been having this problem for months in Westboro in Ottawa. Techs came out, replaced the modem, problem went away for a few weeks but now it's back.

It's mostly random, but interestingly I can *force* the crash if I try to do an iCloud backup from my iPhone over wifi. Without fail, the router crashes and needs to be reset.

I'm on Ultimate service. Does Rogers have an alternative to the SMCD3GN that I can try out? (ie. does the Hitron work for Utlimate?)

Any other ideas?


Ajax, ON
reply to HalfzeRO
I had something very similar recently. I have a Cisco Linksys E2500 router and its connected with a Cisco DPC3825 modem/router combo (converted into "Bridge mode").

Up until I had upgraded into a different internet tier (from Express to Extreme Plus), I used to have a Motorola Surfboard modem.

I often experience some random disconnection from time to time - like my wireless internet connection (particular on my laptops and one desktop that has a wireless networking card) could suddenly drop and then disconnects itself.

It could often restart my particular router in question. As a result, I would probably flash that Cisco Linksys E2500 router - with some "better firmware" (like Tomato or DD-WRT). I believe that the router is likely to blame. I haven't tested out one of my laptops (the newest one is the Asus R500A/K55A laptop) outside of my house at a public wi-fi hotspot or at my friend's place as of yet...