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reply to armed

Re: Guilford Co. voters say ballot cast for Romney came up Obama

said by armed:

Listen, that article was put on this forum to prove that the election process is corrupt (and of course it's the filthy Dems who are doing it... see the tombstone above). A minor glitch in a machine that is caught (if in fact that's what it was... and I don't believe it) is not worth the attention it brings here.
More importantly this thread serves democracy badly by fostering the belief that all voting is a worthless effort because it's all rigged.
You and my niece would be great together...
You know Mitt Romney said something in the first debate that I wish more people would believe... "we're all Americans and we all love our country and we can work together". Too bad the tin hats here don't believe that.

Wow! Just... wow. Take off your own tinfoil hat. I wouldn't pretend to know the OP's reason for posting the article. From my point of view, the article stands by itself... and the fact that a Romney vote was trying to show up on the machine as an Obama vote is incidental to the nature of the story - a malfunction was occurring. The problem was sorted out for the voters involved. The point is simply that these things happen and the takeaway ought to be that if you believe your vote is important, then be sure it registers correctly insofar as possible... and if that doesn't seem to be happening, then talk to the poll workers and get it straightened out. Whether it's a Democrat or Republican choice that's acting up. Nothing in what I've written in this thread seems partisan or radical to me, yet you seem to attack me for some sort of paranoia.

Whether a few posters in this or any other thread elect to make partisan observations doesn't have to spin other folks up. Please don't attribute to me what points of view or motivations others might have. That's the kind of broad-brush over-generalization and demonizing that is causing so much turmoil in our nation right now...
"Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God!" -- P.Henry, 1775