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Oceanside, CA

[CA] Very slow upload/packet loss in SD?

Just started this morning-- my downstream is fine (hitting ~35mbps) but my upstream is only hitting 150-200 kbps (according to both and

My 4 downstream channels are all 0dB power level, 37dB SNR.
I have 1 upstream channel (that normal?), 39dB power level.

Let me know if I need to post more stats. I'm at a loss for what could be going on-- I'll probably call Cox shortly if it doesn't just fix itself :-/

Update: seems to be a little better now. But is 1 upstream channel normal if I have multiple downstream channels?


Portsmouth, VA
Yes having only one upstream channel compared to multiple downstream channel's, is normal still atm. As upstream channel bonding is still rather a slow roll out to all cox D3 area's. So in the future you should expect to see multiple upstream channel's bonding, but as for when that will happen, only the local cox guy's in your market know that.