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Palo Alto, CA
reply to rchrd

Re: Would You Recommend Sonic.Net ?

We've been a customer for years, and are very happy. We are on bonded fusion, and get about 230% better performance than the single DSL line we had before, and the price is a lot cheaper than we had been paying for two phone lines plus DSL from a combination of Pacbell and our DSL provider.

Both phone and DSL have been very stable / reliable, and customer service, which we've rarely needed, has always been good. I'm not sure we've had more than a handful of short-term outages over many years.

So I feel like it's been a real win across the board - overall price, price performance, reliability and service are all good.

My main concern going forward is really overall telco infrastructure. I'd like to see gigabit internet connections, but I don't know how this is going to be realistically accomplished. Our city killed its fiber to the home initiative, it's not in pac bells strategy to run fiber or to build out new colo centers any closer to my home, and while cable is faster than copper pairs, who would want to deal with comcast. So I don't see good choices coming to get to gigabit, or even 100 megabit speeds.