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reply to PX Eliezer7

Re: Gasoline Prices Below 99 Cents/Litre By Christmas

said by PX Eliezer7:

But the standard system does have its advantages. A pint of beer is just about right.

Canada uses some standard too, yes? The Canadian Football League still does everything in yards.

Most pubs around here serve a "pint" of draught in a 20oz sleeve (glass), not a 16, and half pint is usually 12oz, so the term 'pint' isn't an exact term with regards to Imperial measurement.

Yes, the CFL still uses a 110 yard field, but the conversion to metric would make for awkward game calls unless the size of the actual field was changed as a metre is 39 inches. The same can be said for hockey (still 200' x 85' for a NA sheet), and I'd guess that for both sports it's a matter of not changing an existing practice as there's no reason to.
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