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This is a sub-selection from Star Citizen

Macon, GA
reply to TigerLord

Re: Star Citizen - Wing Commander Creator Returns to PC Gaming

I don't know...if this will be apart of the WC universe or not.... It would be great to reboot the series in some way...

but remember, Chris Roberts worked for "Origins", when origins was bought out/merged/etc or otherwise went the way of the dinosaur..it was origins that got stuff done... Origins tag line - "We Create Worlds"...

Coming from someone who played the entire series of WC line of games(WC, WC special mission I & II, WC II, special mission pack I & II, WC III: Heart of the tiger(first game to include live action/characters( Mark Hamil, John Rys-Davies, Rodney McDowell, to name the big three actors and there were a few more)...

As for the wing commander movie..ugh..don't even get me started, I really don't know what Chris Roberts was thinking..he messed up the entire time line...
Wing Commander your earning your reputation and ranks and gaining respect of peers... plus constantly evading maniac's friendly fire...(Angel - is still alive)

Wing Commander II - starts with your character(Christohper Blair) out in space with a wingman... two cloaked kilrathi ships appear from no where, and destroy the tigers claw destroyer... the ship that was your home for all of the Wing Commander & the special mission pack for I & II... All of WC II your fighting to earn back your reputation, respect as the flight recorder of your ship was sabotaged and you were blamed for the loss of the Tigers claw destroyer. Finally proof of cloaked Kilrathi ships is found and you are vindicated. Angel is still alive.... plus constantly evading maniac's friendly fire... Special Missions pack I & II follow...

All of the above - animated only/cut scenes were CGI --

Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger - All live action -
Beginning of the game - Kilrathi home world - council chambers filled with angry Kilrathi - Human spies captured on Kilrathi - Angel is one of the spies - She is killed by the Kilrathi -

Christopher blair befriends a new member to the squad, a Kilrathi defector, no one wants to be his wingman, Blair takes him as his wingman...

story unfolds as the defector, has amnesia and can't recall what happened to him or aboard his ship...turns out at the end of the game...the defector was forced plant by the Kilrathi empire and upon hearing the words uttered by a Kilrathi command ship - Heart of the Tiger triggers the forced memory wipe to end and the defector remembers who is and what he is suppose to do. Blair saves the day... delivers devastating bomb device to kilrathi home world... peace breaks out...

Wing Commander 4: The price of freedom .... opening sequence, friendly ships attack a peaceful ship... rouge squadron of human kilrathi symphayizers...
Live action actors - Internal strife/kilrathi attacks... turns out Rodney McDowell (admrial) trying to start his own internal war...
the answer to the title of the game? -- "eternal vigilance is the price of freedom"...

"plus constantly evading maniac's friendly fire"... not so much in WC 3 and WC 4 as the A.I. was much better than it was through out the WC, WC II and all four special mision packs...

-The pup
Ga. Secretary of State
Professional Licensing Boards
Network Administrator, Network Support and Services

UEE Citizen
I remember Maniac being a funny guy.

Apparently they want to bring back Mark Hammil and Malcolm McDowell.

Bellaire, OH
Count this sucker in... I've wasted enough money in my life that if this doesn't pan out... oh well lol.

Can't wait... loved WC.
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This is a sub-selection from Star Citizen