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Germantown, MD

[HD] MRDVR Experiences

My home is networked with Cat5e and uses gigabit switching. My Infrant NV+ achieves 671Mbps throughput and the speed test of my Fios connection is reliably 30.6/26.4. WiFi is diasabled.

I've replaced my Cisco7232 twice now. Initially due to freezups that CSR attributed to Pinched cable issues of the serial number range my unit fell into. I was assured that I could get an external drive and save my existing recordings before replacing, Not. Second box was replaced because it was taking 30-60+s to change channel/guide if not actively used for some period greater than 30min. Again I was told that since the new recordings were all on external drive they would be available when drive was attached to replacement box, Not.
The existing box has intermittant video quality issues and when FF recordings you can actually see a 7/8 fast forward/pause cycle. The guide still has pauses before working when not used for some time although it seems faster, maybe only 15-45s delays now.

With DTV I had to watch 'recorded' shows but they were fed through the wireline local network into my fully HDCP compliant PC and looked as good as my 1080p display attached to the STB. with Fios I'm not able to watch anything on my PC unless I use streaming from Browser through myverizon site which is horrible, like watching 16mm film at 12fps like an inadequate stream buffer. Fios streamed TV looks like a VideoCD VS BluRay (DirecTV).

Tech support has taken >12hrs over the time these problems have been occuring and last evening said Verizon MediaManager doesn't work for Flexview and basically closed the ticket when I could stream from website. I'm thinking of changing services given my contract is up in January.