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R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

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Sleeping dogs

Ok so I finally got to see what the game has to offer under the hood.. For me its not looking very good, first i wanna start off by saying the control for the "Y" button on the 360 controller (when in a fight or to enter a vehicle) this is out of my league cause there are two completely different moves that are programed into this button (by default) so I would like to pretend that i never knew about this. Second, the GFX are a little chippy from a distance away, however it don't seem to be a major issue. third, the settings need some work such as adding a little more into it such as GFX performance since this IS a game that is huge and requires many options in the GFX column, all the other settings should get a little more added to them as well.

I checked out the experience and leveling up of your character and i think its childish, it doesn't look professional enough for to be a kung fu fighting type of game, so this definitely needs a lot of work. I got to try out the driving, was not too fawned of it, the handling is a bit rough, also why is there a timing box that pops up and starts counting after 5 seconds, says its clean driving, what the heck is this? A game where it shows you how fast you can drive without hitting/bumping into objects/people.. If I wanted to do this, then i would had went over to a "real" racing game, sleeping dogs is a GTA clone, not some racing game with specs built into it that times you of how long you can drive fast before you start hiotting things or people.

somethings I like about it is when driving a motorcycle and going super fast and you slam into oncoming traffic or something, you dont go flying forward as in a GTA game, in some GTA games the camera would go crazy and then zoom in real fast to your character. Another thing is the music, it goes in with the game, the way the game is built, both music/radio playing in the vehicle and driving around the town have got a real mix going on, this makes gaming experience look better, however I still have my doubts about this game. Atleast someone out there is enjoying it?

EDIT: I would like to add a new update from the latest experience that i had with this game recently (mainly this morning) I noticed that the game ignores what buttons you press like in a fight- it will ignore a certain type(s) of buttons off and on throughout your fight. Another thing, when doing drug busts and you approach the area on foot (its genuine, meaning its the game doing what its suppose to do) if you approach the area while in a vehicle, all your surrounding enemies will be on motorcycles and will attept to follow you for a good certain distance and all your enemies will have crow bars and tire tools. If I flee from my enemies while doing a drug bust but still in fighting them, they disappear and don't come back, if i flee from the area and then come back (in vehicle) all enemies return back to the area as if nothing happened.

One thing I noticed is when I was in a vehicle and I spotted one of my enemies (on motorcycle) had invisibility, thats right he was invisible while driving on a motorcycle and when they are on there motorcycles, they act strange, i just sit there while in my vehicle and they sit there doing the same.. I was purchasing an item from some girl and as I was looking over my purchase before i was going to buy, the lady quickly walks off and the buying pop up is still left up/open but i try to purchase still anyway however it don't go through (i don't think it did) so I go back up to her and the purchase goes through. I kind of wonder if there is a difference between the legit version and a stolen version, is there? I mean I know there is a difference on the outside, with cracked, the game would crash but mine don't it just has the problems within the game (game problems) so I wonder if people with the paid for version have this game?
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