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Onondaga, MI
reply to Action2

Re: [DSL] drop outs, connection interupted....multiple service c

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As the saying goes, if at first you don't succeed, try, try, again.....It may be too early to tell but service call #6 appears to have impacted the problem. The system has been up for 6 hours and only 54 FEC errors. No drops, connection is solid, and I'm finally starting to get a smile on my face.....The tech changed the wires that go from outside box on house to box on telephone pole, even though they checked good. Then tested the line again from box on pole to main box down the road (.9 mile) and made adjustments/changes there. And finally, with the modem stats I have been saving and printing we had good proof of the errors. Since the errors increased exponentially with the speed I was all for backing it WAY down but he was having a difficult time convincing the main office that that was the way to approach a fix.....They finally agreed to drop the speed to 3M (down) and if needed, will drop to 1.5 (down) next week. Thankfully, the system has been up for 6 hours with only 54 FEC errors. GREAT IMPROVEMENT AND NO DROPPED CONNECTIONS! Only time will tell...